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"My Mama's Healing Soups" 


is a Mindful Cookbook Memoir by Gabriela Rocha Caballero

Inspired by the handmade cookbook my mama created for me during the intense years before her passing, and influenced by my experience in hospitality and the specialized services offered during the spiritual retreats I produce, I decided to dedicate my focus to the writing, recipe development, photography, and art design of My Mama's Healing Soups.


My mama's cherished cookbook is my treasure, and I am delighted to finally share these simple, healing, and delicious recipes along with family stories with you.

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Why did I write a book about my mama's soups?

My entire life has been a journey fueled by my obsession with my mama's delicious recipes, especially her vegetarian and vegan soups. Her soup recipes were not just simple, healing, warm, and delicious; they were also accompanied by uplifting life tips, stories, and, of course, wonderful company.


"My Mama's Healing Soups" is a tribute inspired by the handmade cookbook my mama created for me before her passing. Her sweet cookbook is not just my treasure; it's my love.


If you're seeking a delightful way to enhance the quality of your life, personally embrace a healthier, conscious lifestyle, and delve into the art of mindful cooking, then this vlog and my book are perfect for you.


I'm thrilled to share a collection of my mama's simple, healing, plant-based organic recipes and tips for self-healing, self-love, and simple remedies that will positively impact your health, your kitchen, and the planet.


While I am not a nutritionist, I am a food and nature enthusiast, a mother, a home chef, and a professional pamperer. I've always enjoyed eating this way, and the love I pour into my food is reciprocated by my family, friends, and clients. Now, it's the perfect time to share it all with you.

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A cookbook memoir base on 

My mama’s recipe book

For many years, my mother collected recipes inside an old handmade book. While sitting at her small office desk, she spent hours choosing recipes from magazines and newspapers. She cut out the recipes, glued them to the book and sighed softly. “So many recipes and so little time,” she whispered.


Among other intellectual goals and achievements, my mama’s daily routine was filled with office work, endless chores and art projects around the house as well as studying spirituality and often lovingly guiding her many friends of all ages. All while reading endlessly, cooking for an army, sewing her own designs, relentlessly knitting gorgeous sweaters until she almost lost her eyesight and, of course, typing. 


Using her old yellow typewriter, she would write historical novels, short stories, and her own food and beauty recipes, as well as different tips for the simple and luxurious lifestyle she knew so well and longed for at the same time.

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Her intention was that this cookbook, and the other series of books she was working on, would be my legacy, my inheritance - just in case I wasn’t learning fast enough, aware that anything could happen, just in case we couldn’t be together long enough.

I left home when I was 18 years old, but I went back many times to continue my photography studies and, of course, to visit my parents. No matter where I was, with her or away from her, I traveled a lot around Mexico, and so she used to call me her “little travel agent.”

It was during this time that all of a sudden my powerful mama was diagnosed with terminal cancer, sadly she had smoked since she was 13 years old.

It was only because of her courage and a positive lifestyle that she lived for seven more years. She worked on her book as much as she could, but mostly with other people’s recipes – those of her friends or recipes clipped from newspapers and magazines because she couldn’t type that much anymore.

Fortunately, her trainee learned quickly, and from a very young age I began using her delicious recipes, and later remedies, to heal, nurture and support her healing process.


She left too young, and her work was unfinished. This is my way of finishing her work, and my wish is to share it with you, because the gift of sharing was her ultimate virtue.


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The flavors of Mexico, California and my mama's wisdom

Welcome to the vibrant intersection of my Mexican heritage and the sunny flavors and approaches of the delicious California living. 

Born and bred in the kaleidoscopic tapestry of Mexico, my journey took me through Puebla, Cuernavaca, Mexico City D.F., Guadalajara, Monterrey, and Puerto Vallarta. Yet, for simplicity, I say I say I am from Cuernavaca – a place infused with the ancient echoes of Classical Nahuatl, meaning "near the woods." Cuernavaca, "The City of Eternal Spring," embodies the essence of pre-Hispanic, colonial luxury, and the raw beauty of Mexico.

The roots of my passion for delectable cuisine and reverence for nature are deeply embedded in Cuernavaca. In a family of accomplished cooks and celebration enthusiasts – from my grandmother and aunts to my mother and big sister – the kitchen was a sacred space. Hence, my lifestyle, my thoughts, readings, research, practices, and preaching all orbit around the nexus of food, history, and nature.


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My personal journey: Hospitality, Specialized Travel 

Experiences and Creative Production

From a background in public relations, tourism, hospitality, and event production, I ventured into my own enterprises – Suddha Prem and Be a Conscious Traveler. Here, I curate transformative retreats where I not only design health-conscious menus but sometimes find myself personally crafting the meals. In these events and at home, I draw upon the fundamentals of Mexican cuisine, celebrating its indigenous and Spanish influences. My permaculture and Ayurvedic studies, along with a commitment to ahimsa (nonviolence), form the ethical foundation of my approach.


This book and my life's work weave these threads into simple lifestyle rituals that manifest wellness. I'm a firm believer that life itself is a celebration. Through self-love and conscious living, we embark on an active meditation, transcending and evolving naturally. 


Consider this cookbook your companion on your life's journey, beckoning you toward a celebration of life, one delicious and mindful bite at a time.

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