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La cocina de mi mama

In my mother's kitchen, a soul-healing soup was always ready to be enjoyed. 

And if you were visiting, as soon as my beloved mama saw you, she would say:

"¿Tienes hambre?

Pues tómate una sopita."

"Feeling a little hungry?

Have a delicious little soupy, then."

"¿Te duele la pancita?

Tómate una sopita."

"Got a tummy ache?

Have a healing, yummy soupy."


"¿Hace frío, verdad? ¿No tienes frío?

¿Quieres una sopita?"

"It's cold today, isn't it? Aren't you cold?

Want a little soup?"

"¿Andas un poco chipil? Pues tómate una sopita conmigo.

Yo te apapacho."

"Feeling a bit under the weather? Come here, have a little soupy with me.

Let me hold you."

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My mama's healing soups

Why Soups?

According to both my mama and Ayurveda, soups are easy to digest and, therefore, perfect for fueling our bodies through busy, stressful, straining, and confusing difficult times. They are also essential for transitioning into dry seasons like fall and winter.


Delicious light soups are perfect for nourishing our bodies and souls. When we feel delicious and at peace, we can have a blissful romantic dinner with ourselves or our partners, sharing this peace with dear family and friends.


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Mi cocina

Are you hungry for a really yummy nurturing meal? Something delicious but with healing magical powers?

Sure, you are hungry for delicious food, but I bet you are also hungry for a family gathering, a good story, delicious conversation, and togetherness.


If you are eager to prepare a quick and blissful meal, you have come to the right kitchen. It is here where you will master the art of mindful cooking and the art of sharing, along with everything that happens inside a kitchen.


En mi cocina, you will find my mama's original stories, recipes, and memories, meditations, eco and conscious lifestyle tips, and eco travel recommendations. Enjoy!



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