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I am Gabriela - a Mexican-born, Californian mother, wife, creative director, home chef, recipe developer, permaculturist, and author of "My Mama's Healing Soups", with more than 10 years of experience in public relations, creative production, and event coordination in the hospitality industry.


I am the founder of Suddha Prem and Be a Conscious Traveler, and a creative producer at COVOLV. 

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I am so happy for your interest in simple plant-based organic recipes and tips for self-healing, self-love, and simple remedies that will have a positive effect on your health, your kitchen, and the planet. If you are looking to have fun while improving the quality of your life and personally working toward a healthier, conscious lifestyle, my Mama's Healing Soups is right for you.


I am not a nutritionist, and I am not pretending to be one. However, I am a lover of food and nature, a mother, a home chef, and a professional pamperer. I have always eaten this way, and I love the food that I prepare. My family, friends, and clients love it too, and now is the right time to share it with you.

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My favorite soup


I love pozole. Of course, my mom used to prepare the most delicious pozole—so clean and tasty.


Honestly, it took me a while to fully grasp the idea that most of the ingredients in my favorite Mexican dishes included a cow, a sheep, a piggy, a chicken, a turkey. Becoming a vegetarian when you're very young and surrounded by food with violent ingredients is complicated. So, I made a decision and gradually stopped eating pozole and other recipes, working on my awareness. Eventually, my heart became stronger than my cravings. But honestly, not eating pozole was very difficult.


Fortunately, one day, many, many years ago, I found this vegan recipe in a vegetarian restaurant in Puerto Vallarta. The concept of Mexican Naturismo cuisine blew my mind, so I copied and transformed it into an easy, even cleaner recipe. Enjoy this vegan version of one of the classic and most traditional Mexican cuisine recipes! Yuuuumm!

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A Bit About My Experience 
Hospitality + Event Production  
Recipe & Menu Developer
Specialized Travel Experiences + Package Design

  • Design and packaging of eco-luxury and budget-conscious retreats and other specialized experiences.

  • Retreat Organization & Menu and Recipe Developer Experience.

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